NutraSalt Wellness Benefits

We strive to bring you a balance of enjoyment and health conscious benefits in order to promote wellness in your everyday lifestyle. It is our great pleasure to introduce an all natural, breakthrough low sodium salt, NutraSalt – The Good Salt™.


NutraSalt allows you to enjoy the exquisite flavor of Sea Salt while providing astounding health and wellness benefits. How? New health research has proven that our bodies require a perfect balance of potassium and sodium for optimal health. NutraSalt not only offers 66% less sodium content than other salt products, but it delivers the ideal balance of natural potassium and sodium in each serving as well.

Potassium plays a critical role in overall wellness. While the human body requires sodium to function, we know that too much sodium can lead to serious health risks. Natural potassium allows the body to regulate sodium levels by encouraging the kidneys to excrete excess amounts of sodium. The right balance of potassium and sodium can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular and kidney disease.

The creators of NutraSalt explored the rich seas of the Mediterranean to harvest the finest natural Mediterranean sea salt and minerals. Now, the best sea salt of the Red Sea and Dead Sea, known world-wide for its healing power, is available for your home kitchen. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality flavor while supporting your overall wellness. We are proud to bring you an all natural, breakthrough low sodium salt that will change the way you eat.

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Wellness benefits of NutraSalt

NutraSalt Benefits

  • 66% Less Sodium Content
  • Naturally Rich in Potassium
  • All Natural and Kosher
  • Great Sea Salt Taste
  • Trace Elements From Red Sea
  • Minerals From Dead Sea Salt
  • Replaces Regular Salt 1 to 1
  • No Metallic Aftertaste
NutraSalt - 66% Less Sodium - The Good Salt