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Enjoy great taste and great health benefits with the NutraSalt family of low sodium salt and seasonings. Each of our delicious low sodium salt, seasonings with spice blends and rubs are made with our low sodium, potassium rich NutraSalt Sea Salt for a gourmet flavor that’s good for you too. That’s why NutraSalt is the good salt! Now you can get all of your favorite low sodium NutraSalt products delivered right to your home.

Classic trio BV00G4

Classic trio

Switch out the unhealthy high sodium seasonings with our delicious and healthy trio of low sodium classic favorites. Enjoy sumptuous Savory Garlic, flavorful Seasoned Salt, and smoky Texas BBQ for the grill.

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Mediterranean Taste BV00G1

Mediterranean Taste

The most enticing flavors from the Mediterranean region come together in this tasty grouping. Delectable Lemon & Herbs, Lemon Dill and Zesty Italian will tingle your taste buds while the low sodium will be good for your heart.

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Hometown Flavors BV00G2

Hometown Flavors

American favorites come together in this smoky and delicious group. Texas BBQ, Bold Chipotle and Spicy Cajun will sizzle on your grill creations and add a kick to your common meals, without the high sodium guilt.

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Exotic Zest BV00G3

Exotic Zest

We've brought together some of the most exotic flavors from around the world in our Exotic Zest collection. Asian Fusion, Classic Curry and African Medley make everyday meals extraordinary. The added low sodium benefit makes this a win/win recipe.

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Classic Combo 00000000

Classic Combo

Classic Combo 6 units 2x-Sea Salt 2x-Seasoned Salt 2x-Savory Garlic 10% off AND FREE shipping

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Mediterranean Combo BV00C02

Mediterranean Combo

Mediterranean Combo 6 units 2 x Sea salts 2 x Zesty Italian 2 x lemon Herbs Special 10% off AND free shipping

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