Manufacturing / Foodservice

NutraSalt is the ideal platform which helps food manufacturers and food service suppliers to cope with one of the most crucial problem facing the industry today. High sodium levels in food has reached an alarming state and there is a massive push from governmental, NGO and nutritional experts to reduce sodium content in food.

NutraSalt 66% and NutraSalt 50% low sodium products offer the best sodium reduction solution to the industry while maintaining the food applications with straight forward 1:1 formulation. NutraSalt is the ONLY Low Sodium Sea Salt, all natural solution that is your partner in offering nutritionally superior low sodium products to your customers. Additional nutritional benefits support the marketing advantage of NutraSalt; it is naturally rich in potassium and trace minerals from its sea origin. NutraSalt also has no metallic aftertaste.

We can help you address your company’s sodium reduction projects with our knowledge and experience while maintaining strict confidential relationships with our manufacturing/food service partners. We can also provide, for larger scale projects, a proprietary solution.

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