About Us

Bon Vivant International, LLC was founded by CEO and President Bez Arkush to provide tasty, healthy food products to the international market. NutraSalt’s first line of low sodium salt and low sodium seasonings was created in over 6 years of development efforts to provide the food industry and consumers with a delicious, low-sodium sea salt featuring the recommended amount of potassium in each serving.


Consumer Low Sodium Salt and Seasonings

NutraSalt proprietary product is harvested from the seas of the Mediterranean. The rich mineral sea salt from the Red Sea and Dead Sea, known for its healing properties, come together in a line of low sodium salt and low sodium seasonings that promise to change the way you eat. Each serving contains 66% less sodium than other salts. Our delicious gourmet line of low sodium salt and seasonings provides you with appetizing low sodium products to best protect your health.

Industrial Food Service Sodium Reduction Offering

NutraSalt is the ideal platform which helps food manufacturers and food service suppliers to cope with one of the most crucial problem facing the industry today. High sodium levels in food has reached an alarming state and there is a massive push from governmental, NGO and nutritional experts to reduce sodium content in food. NutraSalt 66% and NutraSalt 50% low sodium products offer the best sodium reduction solution to the industry while maintaining the food applications with straight forward 1:1 formulation. NutraSalt is the ONLY Low Sodium Sea Salt, all natural solution that is your partner in offering nutritional superior products to your customers.

Management leadership

The NutraSalt team is led by top food industry executives and new product developers.

Bez Arkush/Partner and Founder

Bez Arkush has decades of proven new product development experience in the areas of technology and food. A visionary in utilizing trends to create innovative new products that relate to health and educational technology, he is a sought-after speaker, often asked to share his success stories and lessons learned with students in business schools world-wide.

Yehuda Pearl/Partner

Yehuda Pearl is widely respected for his ability to forecast trends in the consumer industry. His lifelong entrepreneurial career began in food and retail at a very young age, and is highlighted with his development of the hummus category leader, Sabra, which was sold to PepsiCo in 2008. In 2009, Pearl and Palantoni launched P3 Capital Management to help bring new, innovative and healthful products to market.

Frank Palantoni/Partner

Frank Palantoni’s extensive industry career in consumer goods sets him apart. Rising to the top early in his career, Palantoni’s impressive background includes executive leadership roles that span several Fortune 100 companies such as P&G, Nabisco and Novartis, in a variety of countries around the world. He served as Global CEO of Gerber Products before co-founding P3 Capital Management, which helps entrepreneurs accelerate value creation by successfully growing to businesses to the next level.