Hometown Flavors NutraSalt

Specials Family

American favorites come together in this smoky and delicious group. Texas BBQ, Bold Chipotle and Spicy Cajun will sizzle on your grill creations and add a kick to your common meals, without the high sodium guilt.
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NutraSalt Benefits

  • 66% Less Sodium Content
  • Trace Elements From Red Sea
  • Naturally Rich in Potassium
  • Minerals From Dead Sea Salt
  • All Natural and Kosher
  • Replaces Regular Salt 1 to 1
  • Great Sea Salt Taste
  • No Metallic Aftertaste

Compare For Yourself

NutraSalt – The Good Salt is a low sodium salt that has 66% less sodium. NutraSalt’s potassium and sodium content is more balanced than regular sea and table salt.